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  1. Back from Europe to a blossoming softies reef!

    Heya everyone, sorry I haven't posted anything in quite some time. I was overseas in Germany for vacation during my summer vacation. I had a friend watching my tank while I was gone, pretty much just feeding my fish and keeping the water in check as she doesn't know much about aquariums. She told me that my tank had some algae on the walls, but holy cow!! It was so thick I had to scrape at it with a razorblade for nearly an hour, haha! The good news is after a water test all that was wrong was my ...
  2. Some new photos/Updates on the JBJ 28 gallon nanocube!

    Hello folks, it's been a little while since I last posted, so here's a few new pics.

    Here's my little buddy enjoying his new home. I've had the anemone for a few weeks now and it is looking very healthy.

    I added a few new little corals into the mix as well. First, I added a small orange ricordia mushroom quite ...
  3. Added some livestock!

    Hey everyone!

    It's been about a month now that I've had my tank set up, and all my water parameters are lookin' good, so I decided to add a few critters to my aquarium! I added a gold striped maroon clownfish, a orchid dottyback, a frogspawn or grape coral (not sure which), a cleaner shrimp, and 6 turbo snails.

    Here's a few pics

  4. Update on the Cube along with some questions about the cycle

    Hey guys, been about 2 weeks now since I set up my 28 gallon nanocube, and I just received my test kits in the mail today. So I've done my first water test today as so far the parameters are as follows:

    pH: ~8.0
    Ammonia: ~0.0-0.1
    Nitrite: ~1.0-2.0 (lowest measurement on high nitrites test was 2.0, and highest on low nitrite test was 1.0, but I believe it's somewhere in between)
    Nitrate: ~ equal or <10
    (These tests were done with ...