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  1. Update pictures of my 10 gallon nano


    Green Emerald Crab


    Green cup coral

    pair of ocalaris clowns hosting my green brain coral. My camera does not show the ...
  2. Raymond's 10 gallon nano (purple atinics lighting)

    Here is some shots of my tank and green brain coral with just the purple atinics on.

  3. Raymond's 10 gallon nano (parameters update)

    My parameters are as follows:

    Ammonia: 0
    Nitrate: 20
    Nitrite: 0.05
    PH: 8.1
    Alk: 1.6
    Ca: 200

    I need to get nitrates down, calcium and alk up and will be doing this till they get to normals. So far my corals are doing fine despite the raise in Nitrates to me this is very weird.
  4. Raymond's 10 gallon nano

    01 - 21 - 2010Started nano tank

    Well today I got a wild hair and decided to take down my 60 gallon early and set up my 10 gallon nano. As of right now the dust storm has cleared and all my corals are doing ok. I lost my firefish in the move. I have no clue why I have bad luck with firefish but it seems like every time I get one it dies in a month or two. And it also looks like I may have lost a snail but really don't know right now he does not stink. I went ahead and used all ...
  5. Raymond's 60 gallon mixed reef tank

    03 - 20 - 2009 Started the tank

    Hi everyone I would like to say that this is my first tank thread since joining this sight and I am really excited to get it started. First I will like to tell you a little about my past 60 gallon. When I first started out I went the lazy way I didn't get any LR and I got 2 fish a tang and a clown. I was not thinking and being a that I didn't think about a cycle well my tank went on through cycling until I went to my LFS and just about when ...