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  1. PhotoJohn's Avatar
    i think this was my fault...The salt may not have been stable yet or my refractometer may have been off at the time but the sg went up beyond healthy lvls...
  2. V's Avatar
    yeah id say that's an accurate description. No, never had an issue exclusively due to a brand switch.
    Might have been that particular batch. Record it , maybe run a comparative google search for instances happening elsewhere & then direct it to the manufacturer for possible confirmation. You might be flogging a dead horse on that one, but its better to start there first & work your way down.
  3. PhotoJohn's Avatar
    lost 3 colonies and several frags...not a good salt change choice IMO
  4. rayme07's Avatar
    Oh that is very weird.
  5. PhotoJohn's Avatar
    I didnt mix the salts, I just did a water change with the new salt
  6. rayme07's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your losses. It may be the fact that you mixed both your new salt in with your old salt.
  7. DCisGnar's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your loss =(
  8. CarmieJo's Avatar
    That is great!
  9. V's Avatar
    kickin....melting, hey, at least something happening, or else we'd all be standing round with our hands in the
  10. PhotoJohn's Avatar
    thanks, wish the other corals were still kickin
  11. PhotoJohn's Avatar
    point and
  12. rayme07's Avatar
    Beautiful tank great looking corals.
  13. V's Avatar
    its all double dutch to me at this stage bud. need to set some serious time aside to tackle this subject of point & shoot. But great shots just the same.
  14. V's Avatar
    lol on the thumb splitting. Hope you find it.

    Sweet shots bud, very impressed.