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  1. Skurvey Dog's Avatar
    Enjoy the new additions as they give more movement and color to the tank. I know you must be pleased. I managed to keep 3 alive for quite some time and then there were 2, so who knows. You have some of the best of luck so it wouldn't surprise me in the least if you managed to keep 4. Having lots of LR and hiding places seem to play a big role along with keeping well fed. I'm hoping none have a very dominant personality. Congrats!
  2. V's Avatar
    strange how your populations dwindle, im one of those people that have not had the problem.

    once again phursty ol chum, always there when someone closes down
  3. rayme07's Avatar
    Congrats!! on the new additions. I wish you the best of luck on both the flame and the chromis.
  4. V's Avatar
    you get a good deal on it bud?

    what unit did you go with & have you performed any mods?
  5. Phurst's Avatar
    Oh, it's not broken, it just automatically adjusts the exposure so there's no real way to tell in pictures that it's almost twice as bright. 20K bulbs showed up last night. Got them installed and LOVE the look.
  6. rayme07's Avatar
    Cool, I sure wish you luck on fixing your camera because I cant wait to see the pics.
  7. Phurst's Avatar
    Yeah, the 2 silver aluminum (aluminium, to you) pieces are the "cassettes".

    This is what the pump looks like with them out:

    And this is what the "cassette" looks like. One for each channel:
  8. V's Avatar
    lol, thanks bud. I got unexpected fleeting freshman feelings on the first day of school after that response.

    So where those 2 bars are attached to the threaded pole, you have the roller mechanism under those. Are the rollers on a rotating wheel as per semi modern day units or what?

    For the select few imperially challenged, thats 11lts per day on 568lt tank. So a fair wack.
  9. Phurst's Avatar
    It's a peristaltic pump, so under each of the "cassettes" is a series of rollers that forces fluid through the line. One end of the line goes into the reservoir, the other drips into the sump. One Chanel for alk, one for cal. It doesn't really impact my topoff, since it doses about a gallon a week. I evap about 3 gallons a day and replace that with saturated kalk via ATO.
  10. V's Avatar
    wow, look at the dosing pump, it looks old school to the max. Explain it bud. How does it function.

    what evap rate you experiencing that your single doser wasn't keeping up?
    You talking intake, or shear volumes output?