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Lighting upgrade

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So, I finally got around to upgrading my lights from 250s to 400s. With a 31" deep tank, there was no way around it. The tank looks MUCH better now IMO. I did photo acclimation over 5 days and everything seems just fine. Colors are shifting, for the better I hope. I've got some onl 10K bulbs on there until my 20ks come in hopefully today or tomorrow. I took some pics, but with the camera doing it's auto aperture dance, you can't really see a difference in the pics.

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  1. rayme07's Avatar
    Cool, I sure wish you luck on fixing your camera because I cant wait to see the pics.
  2. Phurst's Avatar
    Oh, it's not broken, it just automatically adjusts the exposure so there's no real way to tell in pictures that it's almost twice as bright. 20K bulbs showed up last night. Got them installed and LOVE the look.
  3. V's Avatar
    you get a good deal on it bud?

    what unit did you go with & have you performed any mods?