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The 75g returns from hiding

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The 75 has been running since Nov 16th 2008. You can see the build thread here 75g Money Sink. It is hard to believe it has been over a year.

I have been away from TR and the reef life for a few months and the tank has suffered. The tank was cooking along pretty well but personal havoc claimed a good portion of my corals. I was building a diverse selection of acros and other sps corals but neglect claimed the majority of the sensitive species. The montis and chalice corals have grown like weeds but all my branching corals but two have been claimed and the survivors have significant damage. The deaths have been attributed to HA and Cyano. I have been battling the culprits with vigor as of late, it is amazing how fast the algae and bacteria can multiply. The deaths are regretful and I wish I could have the corals back, that table was so expensive...

What I am doing to reclaim the system:

Expanding the CUC. I am waiting on a shipment of snails and crabs from Reefs2Go. They are a local online retailer here in FL with great prices on some items and free shipping within FL.

Trying a new salt. I will let you know what I think after a few water changes. So far it is promising.

I tapped a drain into my skimmer cup so I would actually use it. I alter the stand height during the build phase of the project and in doing so limited clearance making it a pain to empty the cup. It has been producing light brown water. Need to dial that back in.

I am going to get my ATO hooked back up with a new pump.

I have been feeding 2-3x a day instead of once a day to every other day. The fish, corals, and anemone appreciate the food. I have also switched to Rods food. I was using other foods but Rods with garlic guard and selcon make the fish happy and hopefully have less P04.

I recharged my carbon and P04 reactors and added a more powerful pump.

The good news:

All my fish are alive and happy

The bad news:

I cant find my new mantis shrimp in its dedicated but connected tank. It is a beautiful 3" green smasher and I have not heard or seen it in about a week. It was healthy and happy for about a month before he made it into the input hose. I "rescued" him, he wanted to stay in the tube, but i returned him to his tank. He was digging about for 2 days and I havent seen or heard from it in days. I am hoping he molted and is just being shy. Worst case he somehow made it into the fuge...I need to figure that out, I like my thumbs un-split.

Some pics:

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  1. V's Avatar
    lol on the thumb splitting. Hope you find it.

    Sweet shots bud, very impressed.
  2. rayme07's Avatar
    Beautiful tank great looking corals.
  3. PhotoJohn's Avatar
    thanks, wish the other corals were still kickin
  4. V's Avatar
    kickin....melting, hey, at least something happening, or else we'd all be standing round with our hands in the