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  1. Building on last post (kind of)

    I went online and looked up additives (the necessary ones are what I tried for) and came up with these results-

    kent marine super buffer

    herbtana (it is supposed to treat ich, if my aquarium gets it I would like to have meds on hand)

    (this is for trace elements) ...
  2. My first Saltwater Reef Aquarium.

    Hi all I am doing research for my first saltwater reef aquarium. I have had fresh water aquariums in the past. 1 community tank (55 gal.). One African Cichlid tank (29 gal (? we bought it used)). And a planted aquarium (10 gal.). I am currently doing research for when we move to a new house (Lord willing) for coral in my tank. The old freshwater community tank will hopefully be my Display tank, with the 29gal. as my refugium (/ sump? it will have skimmer in it and a slow flow with algae in it to ...