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  1. My first Saltwater Reef Aquarium.

    Hi all I am doing research for my first saltwater reef aquarium. I have had fresh water aquariums in the past. 1 community tank (55 gal.). One African Cichlid tank (29 gal (? we bought it used)). And a planted aquarium (10 gal.). I am currently doing research for when we move to a new house (Lord willing) for coral in my tank. The old freshwater community tank will hopefully be my Display tank, with the 29gal. as my refugium (/ sump? it will have skimmer in it and a slow flow with algae in it to ...
  2. Corals to add...?

    Any advice on what to add in a 12 gallon nano cube? It's got the deluxe lighting. I don't want anything that needs too much more than what the tank already has. I'd love some sun corals, but feeding would be too much of a hassle... for right now... So similar corals are out.
    I'm hoping for some zoas, pulsing xenia, a little piece of colt and hopefully a few mushrooms. My cousin wants me to take a piece of her frogspawn, but I think it's tentacles will be too big for the tank and might bother ...
  3. The Big Salt Switch

    I started with IO Reef Crystals years ago and could never get a consistent mix so I switch to Red Sea coral pro when I set up my 75g, I have been looking for something new that might be better so I purchased a bucket of Brightwell reef salt. It certainly smells different from any other salt I have ever used. It mixed up great, good reef levels across the board. I did a 15g water change and within 2-3 days my tang died, and two of my large montipora/chalice corals have RTN taking most of the colonies. ...
  4. Pics of Hand Leather Frag

    Just trying to get pics up now. It's looking good in my opinion. Aha. The first picture, I accidently had the flash on. And the second is a little blurry, because it's not the greatest camera... And my clowns were getting in the way sometimes... Aha. Too cute!
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  5. A few pics of the new Nanocube!

    Well, it's day 2 of my nano tank set up and I'm lovin' it! Here are a few pics of the new tank, try not to laugh at my rock set up =P

    Front view

    Side view

    So there it is, the new Nanocube! I have yet to use ...
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