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09-01-2008, 07:11 PM
Help - I have two percula clowns in an established reef tank. For some reason they hosted in my colt coral and killed it. I would like to get them out of the tank now that they are trying to host in my torch coral as well and it is slowly dying. I have tried using a net, but they want nothing to do with it. Any suggestions? Thanks.

09-01-2008, 07:45 PM
Hi fishkeeper Im sorry for your loss and hope you can get the clowns. but is there a way you could lurer them into the net with food or something just and idea. hopefully someone else will chime in and help.

09-01-2008, 08:04 PM
Hi Fishkeeper and :welcome: to TR.

Sometimes like Raymond said you can get them used to eating out of a net and then BAM! scoop them up!

If that doesn't work here is a DIY on building a simple fish trap. Build a Better Fish Trap (DIY AQUARIUM TOOLS PROJECTS) (http://www.aquariumlife.net/projects/diy-aquarium-tools/32.asp)

11-23-2008, 01:01 PM
Sadly fishkeeper I experienced a similar problem where my clowns hosted my torch coral and they appeared to worry it to death. After it died they took up residence in my colt coral but took a fancy to my fan worms. They would try to swim in the fans which would immediately close, so they would wait for them to re-appear and literally attack them as they emerged again. They also got wise to my fish net and I had to dismantle my established 94 litre nano tank to get them out. They are now back in a tank at my local fish shop from where I originally bought them six months ago. I am sorry that I cannot offer an easier remedy, these fish are very clever. Marine reefs and clown fish seem to go together in most peoples minds but like you I have experienced how troublesome these fish can be and so I am going to have a coral reef with no clown fish. One good thing came from this. I discovered a large one foot long bristle worm living under a rock, so that was removed and my corals have shown no adverse effects from the disturbance. In fact it gave me a chance to re-landscape the tank and the corals seem to love it. I wish you luck, and hope that you have found this post useful. Kind regards, musicplayer.

11-23-2008, 06:17 PM
consider getting the clowns out a good time to re-aquascape