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08-19-2008, 12:22 PM
I don't run MH but thought this might interest those of you that do. Aquarium Direct has a replacement LED buld for MH that just screws in. Maybe we could get one of the staff from TR to contact them and see about an evaluation unit for a review and could compare to MH bulbs (and return of course), I'm sure a favorable review here would generate some sales for them and well worth it :). They cost $389.00 and I'm sure if these puppies work, the cost will go down in the next year or so. Here are the specs:

120 VOLT A/C LED MOGUL BASED REPLACEMENT LAMP NO BALLAST REQUIRED ( BALLAST MUST BE DISCONNECTED BEFORE INSTALLATION OF BULB OR DAMAGE TO BULB WILL OCCUR ) WILL WORK WITH ANY TIMER Mogul based metal halide LED replacement lamp installs in any fixture, canopy or retro fit no ballast needed runs off of standard household wall plug 120 VAC. Amazing output, no heat, instant on, bulb can be rotated to direct light output where ever you need it. Related approvals: CE, RoHS, UL

AQUARIUMDIRECT (http://aquariumdirect.com/productlinks/ledlightingproducts.html)


08-19-2008, 01:18 PM
Very interesting.......