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09-24-2006, 07:00 PM
i have decided to get out of corals and keep to my fowlr tanks so i need to empty my 150 reef
150 main tank 72x30x18:aprox 50 corals all mounted on rocks a few peices on frag plugs.some with multipul corals or species
large finger leather 7-9 inches fully expanded
8 in yellow gorgonia fan
pulsating xania waving
xania pom pom(purple)
neon green striped mushrooms on larger rock
red mushrooms
purple /blue mushrooms
green hammer torch
green torch
orange sun pollup 25+pollups
acans(red center)
orange/blue chalis
green bullseye mushrooms
brown bullseye mushrooms
watermelon mushrooms (I think thats what these are called)
gsp 1 larger rock and a few 3 -4 2 inch peices
green /brown digi (not real good remembering sps corals names)
large teal button pollup rock
large moon pollup rock
green brown centered palis
lots of various colors of zoas (some very brightly colored)
yellow waving hand zoas
10 in sebae anenome (have had for 2 yrs) on large rock/must take 2 in maroon clown they have been together for entire time i have had them
brown ricordias
brown hairy mushrooms
cabbage corals there are 5-6 rocks(xlarge) with these some are still in my 300 but those will be included

i may have forgotten some in the list above
these are not just a bunch of frags these are a mixture of a few frags and show peice sized corals some i have paid up to 150 for them
most of these corals have been in my tanks for 2 yrs(i just recently started buying smaller peices)

Im asking $1750 OBO for all that breaks down to $35 per coral which does end up equalling out due to some of the extra large corals

i have never fragged any of these corals myself i let nature take over and do it for me..... this could be a good investment for those into trading selling and propagating im very willing to negotiate with those who are interested

pic#4 looks like just a coraline covered rock but is accually a zoa rock covered in deep burguny pollups this is an xlarge peice 150+ pollups possibly over 200 hard to count these

09-24-2006, 07:02 PM

09-24-2006, 07:04 PM
and so on .............. pic 3 is cabbage coral in my 300, gal this peice is very large and is attached to at least 3 large peices of large rock..this is included

09-24-2006, 07:06 PM
and 6 more pics

09-24-2006, 07:09 PM
sorry for bad pics my cam sux $1750. OBO

pic#2 here is a torquoise pagoda this was once a full grown coral but i had it in a different tank and my starry hermit crab ate all but 2 buds of it it has started growing back..

ps I was not having good luck with alot of my sps corals frags i recently purchased if you notice these in the shots these were not included in the count